Chapter 3. Two of us

       - Baby, are you crying? – asked Luke surprised.
       - No, - she answered sobbing, - It’s simply when you said Ginger would never find
his home because of me, I was very scared.
       - It is good, - said Luke softly. – I mean, it’s bad you are weeping, of course, but it is
good you begin to see and understand things that are much more important than
combing your fur on time and sleeping on a silk pillow...
       Small arrogant Bonnie who loved only herself, who did not respect anyone’s
opinions, who did not admit anyone’s interests and who considered herself perfect was
crying bitterly.
       - Hey, beauty! Did you decide to cry for all your previous mistakes? I bet you have
never been upset like this before.
       - I did not know, I did not even think that outside my cozy apartment and a lot of
green grass there is a whole world and so alive and fascinating at that, - Bonnie kept
       - Yeah, you are right, there are many interesting things. Above all – there always is
someone in need of help, - smiled Luke.
       - I had not even heard such words before, not alone really helping anyone. But I
liked it, you know!
       - What did you like? – Luke was puzzled.
       - Don’t you get it – I like to help others! You don’t know how glad I am Freddie and
Ginger returned home. Let’s help someone else now!
       - I appreciate your saying such wonderful words. However, frankly speaking, we
should think of helping ourselves – namely finding a place to sleep. Also, I promise we
will meet someone in need of help tomorrow, - assured her Luke.
       - What if we don’t?
       - Do you remember the baby who lost his bottle? The fire in a house, the thief who
tried to steal a bag? And what about a small dog who was accidentally forgotten at home
and found herself in the middle of the street? – laughed Luke.
       - I am so ashamed. I have not even thanked you, - answered embarrassed Bonnie.
       - It’s all right. Just remember the most important thing – there is always someone
who needs help. You only have to be ready for it.
       It was getting really dark while they were talking. All the people left and the lights
turned on. But the dogs were so glad their second friend found his home they did not
even feel hunger.
       - We’ve had a long talk. Stay put, I’ll be back soon. There sure are some leftovers
after the performance. Wouldn’t do to sleep with empty stomachs, - said Luke standing
up and shaking.
       Bonnie did not want to be left alone. But afraid to make Luke angry, she kept silent
and only nodded her fluffy muzzle.
       Luke returned soon. This time he managed to get only a few cookies and a bagel
that were quite fresh. After the friends had appeased their hunger, Bonnie asked about a
place to spend the night.
       - We will look for some quiet yard and settle there under a bench. You should be
extra careful here, it’s the downtown, - answered Luke promptly.
       They set out again. Luke looked back and cried as he ran:
       - Don’t fall behind, baby!
       The noise of the cars drowned his words but Bonnie understood she had to follow
Luke closely without looking around. After two streetlights they came to a wide street;
Luke suddenly turned into a passage between houses and they emerged in a small yard
surrounded by tall buildings.
       - I don’t see any benches here, - said Bonnie thoughtfully.
       - Doesn’t matter, we’ll settle down in some dark corner. Sleep well, I am always on
guard so don’t you worry.
       They lay down under someone’s windows and Bonnie closed her eyes. But she
couldn’t sleep.
       - Luke, - she called in a whisper. – What are we going to do these two days?
       - What do you suggest?
       - I’d like to visit some new places and to help someone, - answered the lap-dog
       - In that case I propose going to the forest tomorrow, early morning. You probably
have never been to one and an autumn forest is very interesting. And by the way, there
is an airport close to the forest. I bet you have never seen aircrafts either. I am not sure
about helping anyone there, but you will see many new and interesting things.
       - Is it far to my home from there? – asked Bonnie after a brief consideration.
       - Quite far. But we will walk slowly during the second day. And your masters are
back on the third, - said Luke confidently.
       - It’s a deal! Forest, airport and planes and then... then I’ll return home! – Bonnie
cheered up and finally slept.

       For the first time in her whole life, the small spoiled lap-dog woke up before sunrise.
She stretched herself and looked around. It was dark, the small yard lay still in the dim
light of lanterns. Everything was very quiet except for the stray cats examining the big
trash container - they were mewing loudly.
       “The day after tomorrow, just after tomorrow I will be home and will forget
everything, like it had happened to someone else. My apartment, my mistress, tasty food,
the maid... I cannot wait! I’m so tired of being hungry all the time, hiding, hurrying and
sleeping in the open...” thought Bonnie. However, deep inside she knew she would never
be the same smug braggart and she would never forget anything that happened to her
during these two weeks. That’s why she was not sure what to feel – joy or sadness. Her
thoughts were interrupted by Luke:
       - Hey, beauty, I don’t believe my eyes! Your Highness got up early and did not wake
me up? It cannot be true!
       - Yes, it can. Luke, let’s set out for the forest now and don’t call me “Your Highness”
anymore, will you.
       - I am afraid your mistress will have serious doubts about you in a few days.
Probably will think you are not her Bonnie or that you have been replaced. Then you will
be in real trouble, - smiled Luke.
       - Even if she has her doubts I will be able to prove it’s me, - said Bonnie confidently.
       - Well, let’s go then! We have new places to see...
       And the friends took the long way to the forest.

       They crossed the city line well after the dawn.
       - We have been walking for two hours already and you did not have any complaints
or ask for any food either. Maybe you want to have a rest? – asked Luke surprised.
       - No, not now. Maybe later, - answered the lap-dog modestly.
       - I really don’t recognise you, Bonnie, - added Luke quietly.
       The walked for two more hours. The sun became quite hot and there were some
strange sounds far away like a bumble-bee buzzing.
       - What is it? – wondered Bonnie.
       - These are the planes, - answered Luke. – You can see one, there high in the sky
one of them is already airborne, - he added looking into the sky.
       - Yes, I see it! But I have seen them from the window of my apartment. You
promised big planes.
       - You will see the big ones. They only look small in the sky. And the sound we heard
is the sound of the engine. You cannot even imagine how loud it is when you are close, -
said Luke.
       - Let’s sit down for a while, I’m tired, - pleaded the lap-dog suddenly.
       - At last. I had already started to think there would be no rest. I am a bit tired myself
to tell the truth. My wounded leg hurts after a long walk.
       They sat down under a small tree.
       - Luke, I’ve been thinking about what Ginger said. You know, I agree that it’s high
time for you to have your own home. How long can you stay in the streets?
       - I have never had a home. I am not like you. I am used to living like that – giving
help to those in need. I will deliver you to your home now and after that...
       - Hey, why don’t you return to the shelter? – suggested Bonnie.
       - I sure cannot now. After escaping two times I feel embarrassed to see anyone
there. Don’t you worry, I will be all right, I’m used to such a life, - Luke tried to smile.
       - I have it! You will live in the garage in front of my house. Lora and I will feed you, -
exclaimed the lap-dog joyfully.
       - No, thanks, I’ll manage for myself. But thank you for the proposal, - answered Luke
and laughed.
       They moved on and have been walking for a long time until by lunchtime they finally
reached the forest. Before the forest, there was a huge clearing with a stream. Here the
dogs could drink at last. The lap-dog sat down and looked around while licking her
muzzle clean. Peace and quiet: soft wind was playing with branches, there were some
birds singing and plenty of new strange smells.
       - It’s so quiet and calm here, so good, - said Bonnie quietly.
       - You’re right, baby. It’s been a long time since I put my paw in the forest. I had my
first training for police dog here. There are hardly any people here but lots of different
smells. The instructors fouled the trails for us so that we would learn to find and
distinguish the tracks we need from among others. Yeah, it was long ago... – sadly said
Luke deep in thought.
       - Maybe we shouldn’t go to the forest. It’s so nice here on the lane.
Bonnie yawned sweetly and lay down on autumn grass.
       - As you wish. I thought you’d be interested in looking at ants, squirrels, hedgehogs
and other wood dwellers.
       - I’ve seen all of them in the zoo, - answered Bonnie and for an instant looked like
the old arrogant smug dog.
       - Yes, but there is one important thing. Here all animals are free. The same
squirrels and hedgehogs are not in cages. See the difference, beauty? – asked Luke
with a grin.
       - I think yes.
       Bonnie turned serious and thoughtful. In a minute she said:
       - All right, let’s go. But not too far.
       - Of course not too far. Otherwise, we can lose our way and you won’t be home on
       They entered the forest. Some birds were still singing. And here, very close to them
a woodpecker was pecking a tree.
       - Bonnie, look! – cried Luke pointing to a tall pine-tree. A family of squirrels settled
there among the branches. They were enjoying their lunch. Then, one by one and
without taking any heed of the dogs, the squirrels came down to the ground to nibble on
cones. Even the baby squirrels made short work of big cones, getting the nuts out.
       - It’s wonderful, Luke, they are so cute! – rejoiced Bonnie.
       - Let’s move on, - whispered Luke.
       Careful not to disrupt the family lunch the friends moved in the other direction. On
their way, Bonnie, for the first time in her life saw real growing mushrooms and almost ate
some spurge-flax. Luckily for her Luke stopped her in time.
       - Never eat anything you don’t know. Remember – it’s very dangerous.
       Luke was telling some story when suddenly they heard a bird’s scream nearby. It
was a real scream not a song. The friends rushed there and saw a strange scene.
       A big black crow walked slowly toward some small fluttering lump. Over the crow, a
small bird was flying and screaming loudly as if crying for help.
       - Luke, what’s going on? – Bonnie was baffled.
       - That’s what I’m trying to understand, - slowly said Luke, watching intently.
       - Luke, look here, it’s a chick! The crow will get it now... – cried the lap-dog.
But Luke already realised that the chick fell from the nest. It was not able to fly yet and
any moment the crow could make it an easy prey. Its poor mother cried out her fear.
       Luke jumped from behind the tree, barked loudly and drove the crow off. The happy
mother chirped loudly to thank the wonderful dog. In a minute three more birds came and
started to bathe in sand.
       - Why are they doing this? – wondered Bonnie.
       - Birds, especially sparrows, like to take sand baths. Better still, if they can take
another bath in a puddle afterwards. Have you never seen it out of your apartment’s
       - I did not notice I guess. Luke, I did not notice so many things in my life. Now when I’
m out for a walk the first thing I do I will look around for someone in need of help. And,
listen, we were just on time here. I mean, you were of course.
       - Hush. Look there, Bonnie, see? They are hedgehogs. Strange they are out, they
sleep during the day as far as I know. They are so prickly, you know! I experienced it
myself once. Thought it was a cone and threw it away with my nose. The nose hurt for
two days, - said Luke with enthusiasm.

       Bonnie was listening attentively to her friend and looked happy as if for a long time
she had been seeing everything in black and white and suddenly the world acquired
colours. She thought that her life had seemed remarkable and splendid but only now she
understood that was before she knew about this big fascinating world...
       - Why don’t dogs live in the forest? – she asked.
       - It’s because we are domestic animals or rather animals that can live only with
humans, - answered Luke quickly.
       - You see, now you said what we’ve been telling you all this time. You must have a
home and stop living alone!
       Luke did not answer, he just raised his clever eyes towards the clouds passing in
the sky. No one, even trying hard, could guess his thoughts now.
       - Luke, hey, wake up! – Bonnie interrupted his gloomy thoughts, - we still have half
a day left so we can go see big planes. You promised, remember?
       - Of course I remember, baby. It’s not too far and we can go immediately.
       - Let’s move on! – exclaimed Bonnie mimicking exactly Luke’s words that he had
said so many times during the last two weeks.
       They laughed and went toward the airport and big planes.

       The friends walked along the loud highway for a long time until they heard a very
strong noise. They had heard it before but now it was so loud it even drowned their
       They stopped. A big white plane was taking off nearby almost over their heads. It
quickly moved away into the sky and became smaller and smaller until all they saw in the
distance was a tiny shape leaving a white trail like an endless tail.
       The noise subsided, the plane had long disappeared and little Bonnie was still
looking with wide eyes into the sky unable to utter a word.
       - Hey, baby, you all right?
       - Luke, did you see that?! Did you see? Planes are as big as a house! And I always
thought they are small like toys, - cried Bonnie enthusiastically.
       - Would you like us to sit somewhere and look at the planes until you have had
enough? – proposed Luke with a smile.
       - I’d love to!
       They left the highway and settled on the grass just in front of the airport. Another
plane was just landing, turning from a tiny white speck to a big “white bird” before their
eyes. Once again, the loud noise of its engine prevented Bonnie from expressing her
emotions. In five minutes two planes, one after the other, took off and flew in different
       Luke and Bonnie sat there until almost dark, watching the planes. The lap-dog
counted twenty five of them and that during just a few hours!
       - Luke, is it scary to fly on a plane?
       - I don’t know, I’ve never flown in one, - he answered. – Why?
       - It’s just that maybe that’s why my mistress had not taken me with her. Thought I
would be scared by a plane.
       - I don’t know why she left you. But I am more than sure that after she sees you
tomorrow night or the next morning she will always take you with her anywhere... –
laughed Luke.
       - I guess you’re right as always, - said the lap-dog and laughed too. – Luke, by the
way, where do we stand for food today?
       - If you are very hungry I’ll try to sneak in to the airport and find something in the
trash there. If not then when we start back towards your home tomorrow we’ll find
something on the road. The choice is yours.
       - You leave and I will stay here alone. If anything happens to you, I will never return
home. No, it’s better to spend the night hungry than never be able to see my home and
mistress again, - said Bonnie confidently and lay down.
       It was getting dark. Planes’ windows were lit, their engines rumbled, but Bonnie
yawned and slept soundly. The loud hum of the planes seemed like music to her –
maybe tomorrow night she will see her mistress...

       Luke was worried and couldn’t sleep. It was late autumn, nights grew colder and the
winter was ahead. He did not want to think about it but could not drive gloomy thoughts
       “It will be the third winter I am in the streets. Once again, wait for the night to slip into
some doorway to get warm. Once again no time to think about food only trying not to
freeze to death...” – he thought looking at the lights of planes as they were taking off. “I
will think about it later when Bonnie is home. Now I should rest. It’s the last step, last
effort and we should go on!” – he decided and slept.

       The dogs woke up almost at the same time before sunrise. Bonnie stretched,
yawned, shook her fur and cried:
       - Luke, get up, let’s run to my home!
       - I’m already up and running!
       - Good bye, planes, - said the lap-dog sadly looking into the sky for the last time.

       The friends set on their way back. At first Bonnie ran as fast as she could and Luke
tried to persuade her that the road is long so they will need all their stamina and it’s
better to walk slowly.
       - Ginger told me to obey you, - smiled Bonnie. – So I will, - she smiled and slowed
her pace down.
       They walked for half an hour along the highway, often blinded by the headlights of
rushing cars.
       - I wish someone would stop and give us a lift, - said the lap-dog sadly.
       - We’d better go ourselves, more reliable this way.
       It was dawn but the sky remained dark grey and soon it was raining. Puddles
appeared at the shoulder of the road and the dogs quenched their thirst. Little Bonnie
got wet through and seemed even smaller. Suddenly she grew sad:
       - Luke, if my masters return tomorrow where shall we stay this last night?
Her voice was tired and anxious.
       - The same garage you wanted to put me in, - answered Luke smiling.
       - I am tired. Can we wait till the rain stops?
       - Judging by the grey color of the sky the rain will not stop that quickly. But if you
are tired then of course we’ll have a little rest, - answered Luke and went to a lonely tree
standing near the road.
       The dogs lay down. However, the rain was so strong and there were so few leaves
left on the tree that water poured on them freely. Bonnie, wet to the bone, was lying with
sad eyes and the raindrops on her muzzle looked like tears.
       - Baby, what’s wrong with you? We will be near your house by tonight waiting for
your mistress. Get up, you are so strong, take this last step! – Luke tried to encourage
       - I haven’t eaten much of anything for two weeks, I am so tired, - raindrops turned to
real tears.
       - Listen to me carefully: by lunchtime, we will be in the downtown. If you want, we
can come to that big park where Ginger was found the day before yesterday. This will
cheer you up. Also, you know that in big parks people often throw food away in
containers so we’ll surely have something to chew.
       - You’re right, of course. I’m getting up and here we go, - said the lap-dog quietly,
almost in a whisper.
       The friends returned to the road and dragged slowly to the downtown.

       “She seems to have a fever. No wonder, it’s the first time ever she’s walked around
in the rain and it’s also rather cold. We must arrive at her house safely. I shouldn’t have
taken her to see the forest and the planes; we should have come to her house right after
Ginger was found. We could have waited in the garage, but now... It’s my fault she is ill...”
– thought Luke praying silently for the rain to stop.

       The sky cleared up by noon. There were more cars and more noise. A strong
autumn wind carried magic smells of food from somewhere.
       But the dogs tried not to think about it and slowly moved on. Bonnie’s breath
became heavy, sometimes she coughed. Luke’s leg hurt as it always did after a long
walk. It took a lot of effort to get to the downtown.
       It was midday, the cold autumn sun was bright but cold. The dogs crossed a few
roads with streetlights and finally reached the big park where Ginger happily found his
home two days ago.
       As usual, there were plenty of people here. Having told Bonnie to stay put and
leaving her to rest under a big tree, Luke went to check up on trash containers to find
some food.
       The lap-dog lay down. It was so noisy that she got a real headache, much worse
than before. Her legs also hurt and her eyes started to water.
       “What’s the matter with me? I have never felt worse. Even forgot the hunger. I want
home! Soon...” she thought looking with tired eyes at the dozens of human feet passing
       Suddenly she saw a breathtakingly beautiful Pekingese dog. With her fur the colour
of ripe wheat, white breast, paw tips and thick fluffy tail she looked like a princess. “But
this is Gabriella! We often walked together in that special park they took us to. How come
she is here?” rushed through Bonnie’s head.
       Gabriella was walking calmly and proudly on the leash near her mistress and staring
around with interest. Like Bonnie, she was combed twice a day, maybe even more often.
Gabriella’s charm was accentuated by dark ear tips. Bonnie knew Gabriella took part in
beauty contests and even if she had not been a winner, she was always awarded some
diploma or a special prize. She was very beautiful indeed.
       When they walked together, they seemed like two big fluffy expensive toys. Bonnie
did not have such long fur or a thick fluffy tail but with her pink bow, well-groomed and
combed, she looked no worse than the Pekingese beauty.
       Gabriella looked at the tree under which lay Bonnie – thin, tired, wet and most
probably sick. The pekingese’s glance went down and stopped at the small miserable lap-
dog. Bonnie got up and was going to greet her acquaintance, but Gabriella quickly
turned her pretty pure-bred muzzle away from a stray dirty slob. That’s what she
probably thought looking at Bonnie.
       “Have I changed so much even acquaintances don’t recognise me? Am I so dirty
and neglected? She must have taken me for a stray and we were always forbidden even
to look at stray dogs. I have never thought I ever would be in their shoes.” - thought
Bonnie. She so deeply resented this thought that her eyes filled with tears.
       The lap-dog lay down again. Her eyes closed and she dozed away. A loud child’s
cry sounded nearby and woke her up:
       - Mommy, mommy look at this sleeping dog! I think it is hungry, - cried a small girl in
a hat with a pompon.
       Bonnie could not even understand what was going on until she was hit with an apple
       - Here, eat this, - said the girl and probably wanted to add something else but her
mother took her by the hand and led away saying: “Don’t you ever come close to such
dogs. They are stray and dirty…”
       “So, that’s what people think about stray dogs. Nobody even admits a dog could
simply get lost. It’s so difficult and bad to be a stray...” – thought Bonnie. She was very
weak so her eyes closed again.
       - Bonnie, Bonnie, wake up! – Luke was shouting loudly in the lap-dog’s ear. – Look
what I’ve got – a whole big sandwich and three small cookies. Now we will have enough
strength to get to your house...
       Luke said something else but Bonnie almost did not hear him. She opened her eyes
and tried to sit but could hardly move her legs.
       - I don’t want to eat that much, you know. Better get me home soon, I can’t bear it
any longer, - said Bonnie almost inaudibly and had a coughing fit.
       - Baby, I know you’ve caught a nasty cold. You, probably, have a fever too, but do
me a favor, eat something, you need it so much, - said Luke pleading.
       When he saw his words had not impressed Bonnie much, he added:
       - Remember you promised Ginger to listen to me. You have to keep your promises.
       It took a lot for Bonnie to finish half of the stale sandwich and one small cookie.
Licking her muzzle, she lay down again, weakened. Her eyes were very sad.
       Luke quickly munched all that was left and sat down nearby.
       - Baby, can you walk? Even slowly, can you?
       - Not now, a bit later, - whispered Bonnie with her eyes closed.
       “What can we do? Her house is only three or maybe four hours of quick walking
from here. But the baby is sick. I cannot carry her with my teeth for so long and she is not
able to walk herself for more than say half an hour. There must be a way! I have to get
her home, she needs veterinary help immediately!” – thought Luke intently listening to
Bonnie’s quickened breath. She was so weak she fell asleep again.
       “Let her sleep for a while and I will think.” – decided Luke.
       He lay down and tried to gather his thoughts. But everything he came up with
seemed either silly or impossible. Luke began to worry.
       Suddenly he saw a small boy sitting on his father’s shoulders. The boy seemed to
feel very confident and secure.
       “I guess I have it!” – thought Luke and carefully began to wake Bonnie up.
       She refused not only to stand up but even to open her eyes.
       - Baby, your mistress will return tonight. You can see her in only a few hours.
Please, open your eyes and listen to me now.
       At the words “mistress” and “few hours” the lap-dog opened her tired eyes slightly  
and glanced at Luke. He used this occasion to explain what exactly he was going to do.
       - Bonnie, you won’t have to do anything at all except hold on to my fur with your
claws, - explained Luke, pointing with the muzzle to his back.
       The lap-dog suddenly understood what was suggested by her friend. She sat,
opened her eyes and asked:
       - You will really carry me on your back? Luke how could you even think of this?
She asked this as loudly as her hoarse throat let her.
       - And I could! This is the only way not to spend this last night on bare ground. Just
try it, Bonnie, everything will be fine, you’ll see... – Luke tried to encourage his weakened
       He lay down and Bonnie, using her last bit of strength, climbed on his back.
       - Try to hold on with your claws as tight as you can and move closer to my neck. Put
your head down and on we go! – said Luke in hope that they really will be able to move
this way.
       Bonnie obeyed Luke’s orders exactly but she was so weak she nearly fell down
when Luke tried to stand up.
       - Hold on! Hold on tight, you are going home! – he cried and stood up.
       Bonnie barely held clutching Luke’s short fur with her claws. She put her head down
on Luke’s neck and Luke moved. He made a few hesitant steps, then a few more and
went at a slow pace.
       It was the end of a weekday and people were going home. But there was hardly a
person who did not pay attention to such a weird sight. A big black shepherd was
carrying a small white lap-dog on its back. The lap-dog seemed to be very weak because
she did not lift her head up. It was as if she was not interested in what was going on.
Some people were surprised, some smiled and many looked back. But no one tried to
interfere with this strange procession.
       Exhausted, Luke performed his duty carefully with slow and firm steps. He had
promised Bonnie, promised everyone including himself he would take care of the lap-dog
and bring her home safely.
       They traveled along central streets – wide and crowded. “We should have taken the
alleys. Longer, of course, but less dangerous”, - thought Luke. There were too many
people around and he was afraid someone would accidentally push Bonnie off.
       - Look at these circus dogs! What a treat in the light of the day! – cried someone
loudly and joyfully from the crowd.
       - Luke, will we get there by tonight? – whispered Bonnie very quietly in his ear.
       - Of course we will, baby! Hold on tight! – answered Luke trying to look calm.
       In truth, he was now as far from being calm as he was from Bonnie’s home.
       “It will get dark in an hour or two. Maybe for the better. Less attention drawn to
ourselves. But with such speed, we will arrive at night. If the masters have returned and
discovered their beloved doggy is missing, they must have already started the search.
And if they are not at home, then...”, - Luke did not finish his thought because he was
just passing by a big bookstore.
       “If only people had written more books about animals and cared more about us
maybe I wouldn’t have met Paul and his friends at all. And there would have been no
stray dogs. I am a service dog, that’s different. Also, nobody had driven me away, my life
was my decision. But there are many dogs dreaming about a home they will never
have...”, - Luke’s gloomy thoughts went on.
       He had such a long way ahead that he simply had to think about something, like it
or not. At this moment, Bonnie went into a coughing fit and turned her muzzle to the other
       - Luke, I’d like to tell you something very important. I’ve never had any friends, I did
not know what friendship was and, frankly speaking, did not want to know... – she spoke
very slowly and quietly. Now Luke knew for sure she had caught a very nasty cold.
       - You don’t have to explain anything. Better, save your strength.
       - No, I want to say it! You are the best dog in the world, the smartest one, kind and
devoted. Ginger was right when he said many dogs would gladly be like you. Luke, you
are worthy of a better life. Stay with us and I’ll settle everything with my mistress. She
doesn’t care for big dogs, but it’s ok. We’ll think of something and she will agree... –
Bonnie kept on explaining slowly and quietly that Luke must stay with them and what
exactly had to be done but Luke eventually stopped listening to her.
       He just smiled while thinking of something personal. When Bonnie got tired of
talking, she humbly put her muzzle on Luke’s neck again.
       It was getting dark, big streetlamps on long poles were lit. Luke was thinking about
those few years he had served with the police. How many people, good ones and not so
good, were found due to his training, fast reflexes and acute sense of smell. He would
still have been able to do many nice things were it not for his leg. He would never be as
quick as before, of course, but nevertheless...
       Well, he returned two lost dogs home, in a few hours he will return the third one as
well. And what about the fire, the stolen purse, what about other “small good things” that
Luke has been doing all his life and will keep on doing – Luke, the best of service dogs.
To help is his duty. He learned this once and for good with the police...

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